I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I hope he keeps asking

What do you do when you want to post and you just have nothing to post about. Most of my friends who blog out here have the sense to hush if they don’t have anything to say. But something compels me to post even when I’ve got nothing.

It’s not a bad nothing. Nick and I are still communicating. We’re listening to one another and we’re being truthful about how we’re feeling. We’re taking it slowly and we’re going to see what’s gonna happen.

This is part of one email I sent him:

When I get lost in depression is when we haven’t had any TTWD in weeks and week or even mention it. No text, no emails. There’s no threats, jokes, teasing, pointing out implements to one another – all of that helps me so that we are not just another ordinary old couple. I’ll try to keep up my side, but you’re 50% of this and I need you to do your part. You can tell me what you’re thinking, ask me what I’m thinking… there are a million things we could do to not be ordinary/vanilla.

If I do get to that point, like I was a couple of weeks ago, I really do shut down. And when it goes on long enough I just feel like I tried to explain – I want to give up and not even try. It’s like medicine. Consider TTWD as my antidepressant drug. Even though I need it, I can’t take the medicine by myself. And if I go without it for long periods of time, I don’t want to take it anymore. Sometimes I’m scared I’ll get to the point of refusing to take the medication if I’m off it long enough. I don’t think that would be good, but I don’t think you’d force it either.

He has done some emailing and asking questions. If he keeps asking I’ll keep thinking and talking. That is very important to me, him asking. Right now, he wants to know what’s going on in my head. Maybe he always wants to know. But when he forgets to ask, I have a very hard time sharing. I hope he keeps asking.

Friday, April 13, 2018

I've been busy

This has been a busy week. I’ve had a lovely visitor and we did plenty of running around, shopping and mostly talking! We ranged fairly far afield and came across some pretty sites. Here are just a few pictures.

My friend is now safely home with her husband. I have no doubt she is happy to be in his loving arms. But I think she had a great time visiting too! We had a great time.

So you’d think I’d just be relaxing today from all our running around and that should be the plan. And it would be except for Mollie. How she did it I’ll never know but she managed to talk me into going on a field trip with her and her third graders. I might have told you she said she wanted someone with a teacher voice who wasn’t afraid to use it. That’s me. So I guess it’s back to teacher mode for me.

But after that I should be getting back in the grove. There is editing to be done, post to write and a special project I’m working on. After all that I may actually get back to writing books!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Please visit the Reading Room

I want to invite everyone to come by PK Corey's Reading Room today. I'm putting up snippets from the first two Cal and Jenny books for the next few weeks. I'm hoping to get you in the mood for the third Cal's Law book, Educating Jenny. The release date is hopefully around May 20.

And to my blogging friends, if you would put a link to the Reading Room on your blog roll I would really appreciate it.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Fantasy Friday - Roxanne's Decision

We have a brand-new Fantasy Friday today! Hope sent me this earlier in the week. It’s her first story and I hope you all will make her feel welcome.

Hey guys! Just like you guys I am very into fantasy Friday stories so I wanted to try making up one myself and posting it this is the first one I've ever done and I've wanted to make stories before but didn't know how I would be able to do that without people figuring out who I am and that frightens me. My name for this awesome blog is Hope I'll say my age and my name if you want to contact me to comment on my story or say hi I'm 20 and my email is bbhc2623 at gmail.com. I've always wanted this kind of spanking relationship ever since I was like 11. Thanks for reading my story and I hope that I will make more and if so they will get more enter sting and awesome (yes I made that a word)😊

Roxanne's Decisions 

Roxanne comes home from the grocery store with a couple grocery bags and her purse in her hand. When she opens the door, she sees her very upset husband with a paddle in one hand being patted on one of his other. "You are in deep trouble. Put that stuff away first. We need to talk." 

She said something that almost every woman that is in a spanking relationship has ever said "What did I do?!" "You tell me." She pauses and sees a paddle on the couch with his belt, she feels sick to her stomach "III-I'm not sure" "guess." "Jason?!" He gives her a look that's says "say it whatever you are thinking" 

"I was... Late??"

"Yes Roxanne. TWICE! Your boss contacted me. What do you have to say for yourself?! You could get fired!" He already knew that she wasn't going to get fired because her boss told her but he wanted her to worry, think and really regret her decisions. 

Her face gets really red and her eyes get a little watery. Her ears are even red "I'm... I guess I should care more."

"I'll help you with that." He grabs her firmly above her elbow and puts her over his knee after he sits down. He then puts his other leg on top of hers and locks her in. "I WILL wake you up from now on earlier then you have been waking up." He pulls down her pants and undies then re-pins her legs with his. Sounding sure of himself "You will learn." He lifts the paddle and it crashes very harshly on her cool and white bottom.

"OUCH! YAAAW! Jason! JASON PLEASE!" He keeps a tight grip on her wrists and spanks her for a good 3 minutes till she was balling, not begging anymore, and very red.

"Go to the corner naughty girl. I'm making sure this is NEVER going to happen again." 

She hesitates to go to the corner, "Please, no more! NO MORE, PLEASE!" 

He gets a look on his face. "Don't try to sway me it won't work." He gets quiet but takes long fast steps towards her. She then speeds up and walks quickly to the corner. 

She keeps her eyes on the corner and guilt is what she feels. Guilt and of course pain from her spanking that has not even ended yet. "Think about if you lose this job. What will it do to you financially. It will take you forever to find another job and saying on an application "I was fired for being late twice" it will lessen your chances of getting a job." 

She cries as he is lecturing her. She thinks in her head, "Why did I do something so stupid?! I only had to get up like 5 minutes earlier at the least and 10 at the most. I let it get this far and it's all my fault," she keeps sobbing. 

20 minutes pass by.

"Okay, you can come out of the corner now."

She comes out of the corner to see him with his belt in his hand and standing beside the couch. "Bend over this arm of the couch." 

She then walks over to the left arm of the couch and bends over then another tear falls. 

"This will ensure that you will never be late again. And if you try to go back to sleep or I'm noting that you are going too slow this belt is coming out. You are getting 40." 

She cries helplessly and he pins her back so she doesn't try to get up. Then comes up with a great idea of strapping his 35-pound ankle weights to both of her ankles. 

"That will keep you from putting your feet up little one" he steps back to start "and don't even think about reaching back. I’ll use the paddle on your hands if you do." The belt makes its swooshing sound fast and furious and lands so hard and stingy that it takes her breathe away and she screams. The second spank comes 8 seconds later. He spanks slowly but very harshly. The third came on the eight second mark too and just as hard. Somehow she made it all the way to 40 fighting herself putting her hands back to cover up her bottom. She streaked and just kept thinking about how she deserved what she got. And she truly believes that that was what she needed. The loving man in her life to show her the importance of not being late. 

The next day went by and Roxanne was on her way to work. She couldn't sit right without yelping and she walked into work and knocked on the manager’s door. "Hello?" "Hey it's Roxanne, I'm here to chat" "come in" a few minutes went by and her boss told her that she wasn't fired and she was so happy! She promised she would never be late again and from there on out she has kept her promise and so did Roxanne's husband. Who wouldn't not want to be late with a man who had a belt in his hand watching you to make sure you didn't fall back asleep? And who also made sure that you woke up 10 minutes earlier? 


Hope, thank you for your story. I hope you will keep reading and writing out here. I'm always happy to get new Fantasy Friday stories. If you're willing to write one please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com