I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blogger’s Being a Butt, Beware

* I like my snippet over at the Reading Room today - please come by.

Yep, Blogger is acting up again. Now when you leave a comment, it might not show up. It happened to me the other day when I put a comment on Living a Loving Life I went back several hours later to see if Nora Jean had replied. I couldn’t find my comment. Strange. So, I posted another comment and stayed long enough to see if it showed up with the rest of her comments – it did. But when I looked back the next day it showed no comment from me. 

Now here’s where paranoia comes in. Years ago, there was a blogger I got to know well. We emailed back and forth daily and eventually we even met in person.

Then one day, months later, she stopped emailing and stopped commenting. Nothing had happened. We’d certainly had no argument. Nothing had changed in any way. I emailed several times – no response. I went to her blog and left a comment. Something pleasant, no controversy at all. She deleted it and several more that I tried to leave. Realizing she wanted no contact with me I left her alone and I’ve never heard a word from her since. I don’t know if I offended her or if someone spoke against me…I have no earthly idea what happened.

When I saw that both attempts at leaving comments failed I started thinking, “Nora Jean’s new. She can’t dislike me yet. Surely she’d wait until she got to know me before not wanting to talk to me!”

Fear not, it wasn’t me and it wasn’t Nora Jean – it was blogger! Yesterday morning, I got the following email from Ronnie:

I did comment on your post 3 times. The last time I waited to see if it had published and it had, and then this morning going back to read replies, it's not there.  Thought blogger was sorted, seems not for me 

Sometimes I delete my emails knowing (assuming) that the comments will be on the post. Something is obviously happening. My guess is that blogger is being a bitch. Be sure you’re checking your emails closely.

Nora Jean, glad to know you hadn’t blocked me. As we get to know one another, I hope you don’t reconsider!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sad Post

This is a sad post. Don’t feel you have to read today. I just have to have somewhere to get this out.

When I was teaching, I worked with a fellow teacher who had a daughter, Sherry. Sherry taught third grade like Mollie. We often compared our daughter’s experiences. Yesterday morning, we found out that Sherry had fallen down the stairs at her condo and broken her neck. A friend found her dead Tuesday evening. I can’t stop thinking about her, she was only in her early thirties. She was friends with LJ and Collin. I can’t stop thinking about them, about her mom and even about her students. I’m sure many of these little eight-year-olds have never experienced death before. It’s just so shocking and sad.

Then in the afternoon comes the news of the school shooting in Florida. There is nothing I can say about that – it’s too horrifying.

But two interviews have stayed on my mind. One mother was interviewed who said she had four sons at that school. She had heard from three of them, but not the forth.

Then I heard a phone interview with a seventeen-year-old boy. He told what he had seen and then they asked him how he was. His answer was, “I’m fine. I’m with my mom.”

That got to me and I finally started crying. He knew he was safe, he was fine, because he was with his mom.

I’m praying for all the families and friends who lost loved one yesterday. The ones I know and the ones I don’t.

Monday, February 12, 2018

LOVELY new toy

Like any big kid I was anxious to play with my new toy. Nick doesn’t work on Fridays and I knew that there was a good chance Mollie would be here Saturday (and she was). So, as Friday afternoon rolled around, I asked Nick if he would be interested in playing a little. He was. He asked me to meet him in the bedroom shortly.

I puttered around finishing up what I was doing and then headed on back. I stopped at the bedroom door and stared. Nick, with his own thought for afternoon playtime had attached our cuffs to the four corners of the bed. It’s enough to make a girl pause. Not for long, you understand, but it takes a moment for your mind to adjust.

I’d brought the new flogger in and handed it to Nick.  His comment was, “We’ll work up to this.”

He undressed me and wrapped the Velcro cuffs around my wrist, then took his time placing the other two around my ankles. If you haven’t tried this, it’s a very interesting feeling. With the total trust we have in one another, it’s a freeing feeling to be bound. If that statement doesn’t make sense, you need to try it and see what I mean.

I can’t remember exactly what he started with, but it was light weight, then he used the hard leather paddle for a while before he picked up the flogger. The first strike was across my butt and very firm. It was wonderful! It was a harder impact than I was expecting and just perfect. It was a great thuddy feeling, you know for sure you’re being whipped, but without that sharp stinging pain that some things, like wood, can cause. Then he began using it more lightly on my back and legs always putting more force into it as he got to my butt. I think I could have stayed there until his arm fell off.

As I lay there – restrained, you remember, he placed the vibrator in a very strategic spot as he continued with the flogger and I was lost! Soon Nick was finally undressing and joined me. I always smile when I hear the song, Afternoon Delight. And our empty nest and not having to work every day is why!

Rosie Dee, again my thanks for your contribution to a most delightful afternoon.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

My new gift works! 
Details Monday

Thursday, February 08, 2018

With friends like this…

Over the years as I’ve had the good fortune to meet many bloggers, we’ve often exchanged gifts. Some have been sweet, some funny and there have been several implements. Often we’ve exchange spatula and wooden kitchen implements – useful in many ways. One scared me the moment I laid eyes on it – the cane from Ronnie, two actually. It is wicked and where I love Ronnie, the cane does not make my favorites list. My feelings were so strong I decided to share the love and I gave one of them to Sunny.

Sunny in turn, gave me the devil paddle. I will get her back for that some day…

The huge one in the center

But I’ve recently made a new friend out here. Rosie Dee doesn’t have a blog, but she has read mine – nearly the whole thing if you can believe it. She’s commented a few other places and I encourage her to comment more.

It was an honor for me that she took the time to go back and real my blog from the beginning. That more than twelve years of posts. And she read carefully, very carefully. She picked up something I said in there, something I’d mentioned I wanted. She more than picked up on it, she got it for me and sent it to me. Scroll down to take a look…

This is the most beautiful flogger I’ve ever seen. We got a ‘plastic-like’ flogger a long time ago, but I never liked it. I’ve always wanted a suede one and now I have one! I had it on the couch when Nick came in and he laughed with he saw it. “Where did you get that?” he wanted to know.

“A friend sent it,” I told him.

He grinned at me and said, “I like your friend.”

We are both looking forward to giving it a work out this weekend and I’ll be happy to give a full report after we do.

Rosie Dee – thank you so very much! Thank you for reading, thank you for paying attention and thank you for my beautiful gift!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Controlling everything

Do you consider yourself submissive? Many of us talk about giving our gift of submission to our husbands. And that's what it should be - a gift. It's not something that can be demanded, merely offered. But I feel it's a beautiful gift.

It's not something Nick wants, so I've often wondered if I could have done it. Part of me thinks I have a strong submissive side, but when I really think about it, I am probably my happiest when I am alone with my writing and I control every single thing - what he says, what she says, what each person does, what each person feel emotionally -  completely up to me. Hmm...

Friday, February 02, 2018

Two questions

I have some questions. I’m just curious, which of you sleeps closest to the door? I have a theory, but since I rarely seen my friends when they are in bed together – and I don’t want to, I have to wonder if
this theory holds up. I believe the men tend to sleep on the side closer to the door. I see it as a ‘guarding the mouth of the cave’ thing. As we all when through raising our children, I think we moms got out of the bed more often at night than our guys did. It would have made sense for us to sleep nearer the door. But I’m guessing most of us don’t. Let me know.

Now for me a more important question. What do you enjoy doing the most with your husband – in public that is. Nick may be retiring in a few years. Then again it could be fifteen years for all I know. The man is not good at being idle. If you’ve read here long you know how much Nick and I love one another, but we have no common interests.

Nick likes to play golf. I’m happy for him but it doesn’t involve me. He loves photography. I got him a really good drone for Christmas and he like to send it up and he has gotten some wonderful shots. But I don’t want to fly it, I don’t want to wreck the thing. And to be honest after going through the thousands, and thousands of pictures left after my parents passes away, I found that pictures without people I know in them just don’t stand the test of time. I stand there and stare at the drone or sit in the car.

I like to shop – some. Not for clothes, but I like to look around in interesting shops. Nick is bored out of his mind.

I know many of you like to travel, but even then, we seem to be at opposite ends of the scale. I think vacation – lounging on the beach
with my Kindle, swimming in the pool or the ocean, eating too much, indulging in desserts. While Nick’s idea of a vacation is seeing and touring as many ‘things’ as we can before one or both of us die from exhaustion. We sometimes go on day trips with one couple in particular. This fellow loves finding small locally owned breweries. He’s found some great one and I usually enjoy the trip, but I don’t drink beer and my sugar tell me not to drink soft drinks (pop or soda, for those of you not from the south). So again, I feel I’m just sitting there. Often wishing I were home reading or writing.

Okay, obviously, I’m the dull one. I realize that. But how do I change? And do I have to do all the changing?

I hope you’ll answer my questions and give me some ideas.